I am available to teach a wide variety of educational programs, geared at multiple audiences. From elementary schools to retirement villages, I offer an educational, and entertaining, program for kids of all ages.

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Kids love bugs … and parents love having a party for their kids that is not only highly entertaining, but educational, as well. You’ll love hearing your child squeal as they hold a giant hissing cockroach!

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While 85% of my time is spent conducting educational programs for children, I do have some ‘commercial’ services. Contact me today if you need Black Widow Removal or Bee Hive or Swarm Removal.

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Recent Videos

Vanity Fair “Fear Box” with Ross Lynch (Disney’s Austin and Ally, also a new movie “My Friend Dahmer”)

Living With Lucy” video.  GREAT video, but BugMan part is at 7:36 and the conclusions at the end of the video are awesome (when she says the BugMan visit was her favorite part of the project).

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Bug-O-Rama coming to Hershey Gardens Saturday: 7AM

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Grab the kids and take a trip to Bug-O-Rama happening at Hershey Gardens! The event with every inspect you could ever imagine is happening this Sunday, September 8 from 10am-3pm!