Nothing is quite as fun as watching a young person squeal in delight when they get to touch a “yucky” bug, or creating curiosity among adults who previously avoided these creepy, crawly creatures, yet begin to ask lots of questions once they’ve taken the extra minute to actually learn about them. Most people decide an insects’ fate, long before they know anything about it. It’s this lack of appreciation of the insects, that drives my passion to teach and promote Entomology to anyone who will listen. My infatuation with insects started at a very young age, so I love to instill a deep curiosity for insects in people, especially the younger generation and inspire them to possibly even pursue a further interest in Entomology. I love what I do!

However … passion alone doesn’t pay the landlord!

I understand that most of the organizations with whom I work are woefully underfunded. Elementary and middle schools, public libraries and parks, and even the moms and dads that hire me for their child’s birthday party — all seem to be pushing the limits on their budgets these days. Yet, there remains the necessity to provide people with a fun, entertaining, and educational experience that they will remember for years to come.

It is with this in mind that I price all of my programs fairly. I’ll never get rich from what I do … but I am trying to at least make a living. All of my programs are different — in duration, preparation, and materials — so I haven’t listed the prices on the individual Program pages. You might be very surprised at the variety of programs and exhibits, as well as the costs.

Either way, please give me feedback complete the form below, as I constantly strive to improve on all aspects of my programming, including this website. Thanks in advance !