Ryan “The Bug Man” Book


child book on insects and bugs




My BugMan book has become quite popular with people throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Northern Virginia and the response from teachers has been very positive. The 8-page book focuses on the Kingergarten thru 1st Grade level and can be used to help teach young children to read.

Copies sell for only $3.00 each (plus postage) and anyone can purchase them!!

Free Books for Teachers

If you’re a 1st Grade Teacher in the south central Pennsylvania region and would like a FREE 6-pack of BugMan books, please contact me.  We have a school book program in place that may be able to provide you with free books for your school.

Inspiring kids to take an interest in insects is exactly what I love to do. This is also a good book to read to your kids at bedtime!


I took your Bug Man book to school to share with some of the younger students there and they were absolutely blown away by the awesome, colorful photos. Some of the students recognized a few of the “bugs” in the photos (not their names, but just the photos of them) and were all excited. A few were motivated to try and read the book to learn more information……just what we teachers love!!! (Of course I then had to give my little plug for 4-H and the Entomology Club.)

Ryan, kudos for your 1st published bug book! You really brought it home and captured the attention of many young potential bug enthusiasts! Thanks so much for sharing it with me.

-Roxanne D