For over 30 years, Ryan Bridge has been involved with Entomology on all levels, especially with youth outreach and education through the Pennsylvania 4-H Organization and programming within the local School Districts, State and County Parks and The Boy/Girl Scouts of America. For 10 years, Ryan has been offering programs to both public and private audiences.

“Mother Nature’s Miracle’s” –for Special Needs Groups

A typical program will last a minimum of 45 minutes and will cover basic entomology and anatomy, as well as a quick look at insect relatives (spiders, scorpions, etc) followed by incredible displays of world-wide insects, many of which are the largest species in the world. The audience will have a chance to pet and hold harmless, LIVE bugs. The cost for this program varies by location and can last up to 1 hour. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any purpose and feel free to share this info with anyone who may be interested, as there is a wide variety of programs and prices available.

Also: Hands-On and Close-up is the best way to learn about insects! Entomology Outreach Tables are often requested for educational purposes and allow for direct dialogue with visitors at specific events. These tables will typically hold a large variety of LIVE insects (and related critters), as well as insect displays, including many of the world’s largest species. The cost for the tables will vary according to the actual time on-site. In-door/Out-door and under normal conditions, no electricity is needed.

Thanks for your interest in “The BugMan”. –Ryan.