My name is Ryan Bridge, and I am “The Bug Man” due to my passion for Entomology and most of all, teaching people about insects while keeping it fun and exciting! I am not however, your typical bug guy. I travel to schools, libraries, churches, community events and even birthday parties, doing a wide range of fun and educational programs, using LIVE BUGS !! 

For over 40 years I’ve had a passion for Entomology and I’m eager to share it with others. I’m a 30+ year Volunteer with the York County 4-H Entomology Club, a club that I founded when I was just 9 years old (you should ask about the time a Praying Mantis egg sac hatched in my mom’s kitchen!). I also raise a wide variety of insects throughout the year and like to use them in my programs as well ! 


However, please don’t mistake my laid back attitude with a lack of knowledge. I’m an expert in Entomology Outreach and a 2017 recipient of the York County Environmental Educator of the Year award. I was selected to present programs for the Pa Association of Environmental Educators in 2019 and 2020 and my insect collection numbers over 150,000 insects. I have traveled the world on insect expeditions and regularly donate insects to Drexel Academy in Philadelphia and the Smithsonian Institution in Wash, DC. My collection doesn’t hide in a basement. I take it on the road so others can experience what Nature has to offer and truly see why I love insects so much!!!

Please look through my website and visit my  Facebook page. Then, contact me so I can come to your school or event and show you just how INCREDIBLE insects can be!  Thanks for your interest in “The BugMan” Entomology Education Programs.
I’m always trying to improve this site as well, so be sure and let me know if you experience any problems while here. -Thank You!  Ryan.