Mother Nature’s Night Life

What do insects do at night? How do they see in the dark? This very unique program allows Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” to answer these and many more questions, while using 100’s of REAL insects to explain the hidden world of nocturnal bugs. The Ultra-Violet world and the bugs that live within it, have intrigued Ryan for over 30 years and he incorporates LIVE INSECTS into the program, detailing Anatomy and Life-Cycle. Keeping it fun and exciting is easy as many of these insects are the largest species in the world!!

And if that’s not cool enough… next, Light Stations are set-up to attract insects, where the audience will venture into the darkness to see just what flying, crawling and hopping around at night!  Due to the time frame, this program is recommended for ages 8 and older and Ryan know’s how much kids love bugs..

A rain date is highly recommended as cold, rain or heavy winds will reduce insect activity !

Duration:  3 hours

Cost can vary, please contact me if you are interested in this program.