Steve Miller  

 Hi I’m Steve Miller. I am 33 years old, I was born and raised in a small town in Suffolk, England. From a very early age, I have always been fascinated with bugs and insects. Any kind of arthropod amazed me. Growing up next to a river and near wooded areas, gave me plenty of opportunities to go searching for cool bugs.

In 2011, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona in search of the American Dream. I’ve never looked back! Moving to Arizona has opened up an entire new chapter in bug collecting, as the bugs and insects here are way bigger and cooler than the ones back home in England. So I spend a lot of time traveling to see what I can find.

I met my wife in 2013, she is originally from Acapulco, Mexico. So we are both from different countries but now happily call the US home. We have 3 kids, Leo, 9, Bella, 5, and Jake who is 1. We love going on bug collecting adventures together and exploring this beautiful region. My other hobbies include classic cars and growing tropical fruit-bearing trees and shrubs!
I have been an exterminator almost since I arrived here and although it’s a very interesting job, I would be much happier teaching folks about how wonderful bugs and insects really are! I really look forward to presenting BugMan programs and attending events where I can educate people about insects!

Welcome our newest BugMan LLC Team member, Steve Miller. He’s 33 years old, married with 3 kids and a native of England. He’s also loved bugs and insects since he was a kid. Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, Steve is is presenting BugMan programs throughout Phoenix and possibly the Tucson region. Yes.. THE BUGMAN IS NOW PRESENTING PROGRAMS IN ARIZONA!!!

If you’re near Phoenix and would like a BugMan program, contact us and we’ll send Steve your way. Welcome aboard, Steve! Schools, churches, Libraries, Daycare, BSA, GSA, AARP Senior, Special Needs… it’s going to be a great year for The BugMan!