Get rid of black widow infestations - Central PA, York, Lancaster, Hanover, MarylandBlack Widow Removal

Like them or not, Black Widow Spiders are now COMMON throughout the PA region.

A few years ago, they were considered rare. Now, they’re commonly encountered in sheds, garages, outbuildings, basements and woodpiles.

The BugMan will come to your location and permanently remove them (I don’t like to use the word ‘exterminate’, as I try to take them alive if possible), making your home or business a safer environment. The BugMan can do the job, as well as advise you on ways to help prevent them in the future.

Call Orkin for Roaches, but don’t expect them to eagerly come and collect your Black Widow Spiders, let alone have fun doing so!!

The pricing for getting rid of black widows is affordable, so please use my Contact Page to contact me about scheduling your black widow removal.