Does Your Water Taste Buggy?



Without water, humans can’t survive. Does your water taste buggy? Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” will answer these and many more questions, while using 100’s of REAL insects to explain the secret world of Aquatic insects. This unique program will introduce audiences to a large variety of both LIVE and preserved aquatic insects. Ryan brings the ponds and streams to you and encourages everyone to touch, pet and hold the LIVE BUGS, as he teaches the audience about underwater ecology, simple bio-diversity and the importance of Fresh Water Conservation. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT A POND OR STREAM THE SAME WAY AGAIN!

Live insects are only available from May through October and some advanced notice is necessary to ensure a suitable amount of insects can be collected.

Based upon 1.5-hour avg time frame. Please contact me if you are interested in this program. 

Only one program per day please.