Mounting and Preserving Insects

Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” has been collecting and preserving insects and Arthropods for over 35 years. His experience at creating high standard insect displays and large, permanent exhibits provides him with the knowledge and resources to teach people throughout central Pennsylvania and Maryland how to properly mount and preserve insects. His collection masses nearly 150,000 insects and his work is displayed in both public and private entities.  4-H Clubs, Scout Packs, Schools and County Parks have taken advantage of this excellent program.

This program can also be added to any of his other Entomology Out-Reach Programs, to help inspire the audience to pursue and explore the incredible world of insects.

Cost is based upon a  3-hour avg. An additional cost of $5 per person for a pack of insect pins may incur *.  All other supplies are provided, including the insects.)