Assisted Living locations

Senior Facilities and Community Centers are always looking for new and exciting programs to bring to the Residents. Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” offers one of the most unique program exhibits anywhere !
These Entomology Outreach Tables are often requested because they allow for direct dialogue with Residents. A typical exhibit will hold several tables with 100’s of world-wide insects and their relatives (spiders, scorpions, etc), including many of the world’s largest species.

If you’re looking for something more like a “Show-n-Tell” presentation, Ryan simply pulls from the tables and explains many of the interesting facts and fun stories about the incredible insects.  LIVE insects and related critters make these fun programs, one-of-a-kind and the audience will be encouraged to pet or hold the harmless bugs. Hands-on and close-up is the best way to learn about insects.  This is your chance to get REALLY close!


The cost for tables will vary according to the length of time on-site. In-door/Out-door and under normal conditions, no electricity is needed.