For over 30 years, Ryan Bridge has been involved with Entomology on all levels, especially with public outreach and education. Ryan offers Entomology Education Programs to nearly every public entity, including Scouts, Day Care, Elementary School, and Senior Living Facilities. Birthday Parties are common and County Libraries book Ryan for programs each year.

“Let’s Get Real”

Designed for Staff Enrichment, this unique program will explore ways to approach and interact with kids who have come into contact with Bedbugs, Lice and other household pests. It offers simple advice to provide to Parents, in hopes of avoiding the stigma that comes with these issues. Participants can expect to see both live and preserved examples of some of these insects and learn about life-cycle and preventative measures to avoid such contact. Then the group will have the opportunity to touch and hold some harmless, LIVE bugs (not necessarily those species discussed). Q-and-A will allow the group to get answers to whatever questions they have about insects. This program can last up to 1 ½ hours.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any purpose and feel free to pass on this info to anyone who may be interested, as there is a wide variety of programs and prices available.


Also: Hands-On and Close-up is the best way to learn about insects! Entomology Outreach Tables are often requested for educational purposes. These tables will typically hold a variety of LIVE insects (and related critters), as well as insect displays, including many of the world’s largest species and allow for direct dialogue with visitors. The cost varies according to the time on-site. In-door/Out-door and under normal conditions, no electricity is needed.

Thanks for your interest in “The BugMan”. –Ryan.