Bee Hive and Hornet Nest Removal

affordable central pa and maryland bee hive and bee swarm removal service york hanover

Like them or not, Bees, Wasps and Hornets are simply part of our lives.

However, living side by side with these insects can be troubling at times.  Outbuildings, garages and barns are great places to come into contact with large Hornet Nests.

Ground dwelling bees and wasps are no less difficult to live with and many times, our children are at risk of being stung.

The BugMan will come to your location and remove any bee and wasp nests that are potentially dangerous. Whenever possible, Ryan will attempt to keep the adults alive and use them in his educational programs, thus providing a more useful purpose for the insects.

The pricing for getting rid of  bee hives is affordable, so please use my Contact Page to contact me about scheduling your bee removal today.