Insect Display for Rent

Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” has been collecting and preserving insects and Arthropods for over 35 years. His experience at creating high standard insect displays and Entomology exhibits provides him with the knowledge and resources to create CUSTOMIZED insect displays for short-term use at nearly any special event. Ryan’s personal insect collection masses nearly 150,000 insects and his work is displayed in both public and private entities year-round.

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

newhd1In January 2014, after an intensive national search for an insect display provider, the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, AL selected Ryan “The BugMan” Bridge.  Ryan provided over 2,500 insects, mounted in over 60 museum cases, as the accompaniment to their hosting of their 8-month run of the IMAX movie, “Butterflies”.  The images below show the amazing display of insects.


Insect Collection/Display Rental

This display is completely variable to whatever theme or specific insect related topic you require and regularly contains exotic insects from around the world. Life-Cycles, Insect Relatives (non-insects) and Aquatic Insects are some aspects that this display has been utilized for. It is designed to quickly educate the audience, allowing them to safely explore the incredible world of insects. Central Pennsylvania and Maryland Parks, Master Gardner’s and Garden Show’s have taken advantage of this unique opportunity as well.

This is an INDOOR, “HANDS-OFF” exhibit and should not be considered “portable”, as the preserved insects are very fragile and in many cases, difficult to replace.  Local display will be delivered and picked-up within a scheduled time frame – at no extra cost.

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Due to the variable nature of these displays, please contact me directly to discuss your needs and pricing.