I’ve Got Bugs!

Insects will always draw a big crowd! Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” has been using LIVE insects and Arthropods to help teach Entomology to audiences since 1995.

This stationary exhibit consists of several tables with 100’s of preserved and LIVE BUGS, many being the largest species in the world! “Hands-On” is the key to the success of this unique exhibit and the reason people enjoy it so much. This exhibit often becomes a highlighted attraction at many community events, as it offers the visitors the chance to see, touch and pet a world-wide variety of cool and unusual bugs, while exploring the incredible world of insects.

The theme or focus of this exhibit can be customized and with the indoor / outdoor option, it will meet the needs of your special event. Science Fairs, Museum Events, May Day Festivals, Nature Centers and community events are great opportunities for this exhibit to be displayed. Under normal conditions, no electricity is needed and up to 5 tables can be used to maximize the amount of display area. When was the last time YOU held the worlds largest species of cockroach? Now is your chance!

Rates can vary, as the specific needs may change the overall cost.Standard exhibit is a 2 hour minimum. Cost can vary, please contact me if you are interested in this program.