To Be, or Not To Be.. a bug !

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  Recommended for younger audiences, this program is mostly a “show-n-tell” where Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” uses large variety of REAL insects and Arthropods, many of which are the largest species in the world. LIVE bugs are often   used and the audience is encouraged to touch or pet the mini-Beasts ! Motivational and informative, this [...]

I’ve Got Bugs!

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Ryan Bridge “The BugMan” has been using LIVE insects and Arthropods to help teach Entomology throughout south-central Pennsylvania since 1995. Insects will always draw a big crowd. This 10‘ x 10‘ stationary exhibit consists of several tables with both LIVE and preserved insects and Arthropods, many being the largest species in the world. “Hands-On” is [...]

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